Kilgravin Lodge - Services | Impressive Facilities


With such an impressive purpose-built property to work from, Kilgravin Lodge offers clients the complete thoroughbred preparation package. From rehabilitation, to bloodstock buying and selling, weanling handling to breaking-in, and from the sale ring to the racetrack.

Every horse is different and presents with different needs and as such, each horse is given an individual program tailor-made to suit.

We also appreciate that owners like to know how their horses are progressing and we are committed to keeping owners well informed of their horses progress. Communication is the key! 

Owners are also welcome to view their horses at any stage of their education and agistment.


First class facilities at Kilgravin Lodge include:

  • Treadmill
  • 750 m sand training track
  • Starting gates
  • 10 horse walker
  • High sided arena
  • 31 purpose built day yards
  • 23 large boxes
  • Breaking yards
  • 29 spelling paddocks
  • Weigh Scales

Also at our disposal is a 9 horse, side-loading float for occasions when horses need to go to the Matamata training centre. This gives us access to a number of training track surfaces, a swimming pool, and other facilities.


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