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Breaking In

Eion understands that breaking in is the first major step a young horse makes on the road to being successful on the race track.


He uses methods that blend  the best of old and new ideas. Eion is forward thinking and is aware that one formula does not fit all horses.

The team at Kilgravin Lodge is experienced and practised at working alongside young racehorses, progressing at their pace, ensuring that the desired result is achieved in a positive fashion.

We take a gentle but firm approach to Breaking in. We aim to keep the young horse very relaxed and confident about what is happening.

The education process takes approximately  six weeks. Covering things like leading, tying up, leg handling, driving, working with another horse in company, rugging and wash bay education. We aim to produce a well mannered and educated horse.

Through out the education process we endeavour to keep you the owner/trainer informed about the progress being made either via the phone or by email.

Kilgravin Lodge is proud to have broken in or pre trained a number of good horses through out New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

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