For quality breaking in, pre-training and agistment

Breaking Yards

Babies working in company

Main Stable Barn

9 Bay Horse Walker


At Kilgravin Lodge in Matamata, your horse's safety is paramount at all times.


Eion Kemp of Kilgravin Lodge spent many months looking at designs and selecting the best ideas before designing the facilities for Kilgravin Lodge. 


The facilities at Kilgravin Lodge have been set up specifically for breaking in, pre-training and agistment.

Kilgravin Lodge in Matamata  has 30ha of prime farmland  of which a major share are put aside for agistment, all in post and rail. The property is flat to slightly undulating in its contour.

The facilities at Kilgravin Lodge include

  • a 750 m sand training track with starting gates,

  • a roofed 9 bay horse walker,

  • a large high sided arena,

  • 26 purpose built day yards,

  • 23 large boxes

  • breaking yards

  • 24 spelling paddocks

Also at our disposal is a 6 horse, side-loading float for occasions when horses need to go to the Matamata training centre. This gives us access to a number of training tracks, a swimming pool, weighing machine and other facilities.

Enjoying their morning wash down           Arena       Day Yards